How to Easily Change Username of Skype

Skype comes as one of the best and famous applications for chatting purposes. You can easily chat with your business partners, clients, as well as your loved ones, with the use of Skype. It lets you instantly connect with others, regardless of their distance. If you are not satisfied with your Skype username and want to change it, the process is given below for you.  Either change the username through PC or mobile phone or access Skype on the web. Check all the methods one by one and see which one fits you best.

How to change Skype Username on PC?

No matter if you use Mac or Windows PC, you can easily change the username of both the operating systems. Follow these steps:

1. Firstly, you need to launch the Skype application on your PC.

2. Then, go to the display picture section and click on your Skype display picture or your username. Both the options will be there in the top-left part of the screen.

3. You will now see a “Manage” section on the left side of the screen. From there, find the “Skype profile” option and click over there.

4. Your Skype username and display picture, along with a dedicated pencil icon, will be shown to you on the right of your username. Click the pencil-shaped icon now.

5. Type in your new username and then hit the enter button save changes.

How to change Skype Username on Smartphone?

If you use Skype on the phone through the dedicated app, then you need to follow the procedure given over here. Go through the step-by-step instructions given below and follow them accordingly:

1. In the same way, like before, open the Skype app on your particular phone that you use.

2. Now, tap on the profile picture section that you see on display.

3. Once you tap your display picture, you are destined to be redirected to the profile management section. Find the “Skype Profile” option over there and tap to move ahead with the process.

4. The username and a pencil icon will be shown on the screen now.

5. Tap on the pencil icon for editing your username quickly.

6. Think of the best username and enter in the dedicated columns. Once you are satisfied with your new username, tap on the enter option.

How to change Skype Username on Web?

The process of changing Skype username on the web is not that different. It is almost the same as mobile and PC. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open the Skype website and login to your Skype account with the use of associated details.

2. In the top right section of your display, your name will be shown. Move your cursor over there for seeing a drop-down menu.

3. Now, choose the “My Account” option from the menu.

4. On the My Account page, keep scrolling down till you see the contact details.

5. Once you see contact details, find the “Edit Profile” option, and click on it.

6. Now, you are destined to be redirected to the “Profile” section.

 7. There will be “Edit Profile” option right next to “Change password.” Choose the Edit profile option by clicking on it.

8. Find the textbox that shows “Name” and type in the new, after you find the same. Once you are done with entering your new name, hit the “save” button in green at the right section of your screen.

9. In the end, click on ok for successful saving the changes that you made recently.

In this way, you can easily change the username of Skype on all the platforms!

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