Review of the “Weakest Link” Telecast on NBC

“Weakest Link” revamp hosted by The Fugitive actress Jane Lynch premiered on NBC on Tuesday night (September the 29th). Lynch has also been a longtime “Hollywood Game Night” host, and on Tuesday night, she led the NBC reboot emphatically with a bit of help from Glee alum.

The show is actually a brainchild of UK television as it had started there in 2000, but the show also made an appearance on NBC in 2001 during the time when the era of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” had just started. Anne Robinson had made the show famous and her iconic line “You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye!” had become a sort of maxim in the US.

Jane Lynch had an uphill climb in front of her, and it was quite inevitable as some fans still haven’t forgotten the charisma of Anne Robinson. However, the general opinion on the internet suggests that she has not disappointed.

She used her experience of Hollywood Game Night really well as she settled herself down quite comfortably in the reboot, delivering jokes courtesy of her well-known sense of humor. She kept a light-hearted and an engaging aura around her as she kept the show moving and a few minutes into the show some may have even forgotten about Anne Robinson.

It is worthwhile to remind ourselves that “Weakest Link” is a simple game show and does not heavily relies on glamour, dazzling showbiz, or even gasping star power. If you can notice, Jane Lynch’s personality is the only thing on the show that you can call star power. Other shows have fancy costumes, celebrity guests, celebrity panels, and euphoric songs to support them. If I can be honest with you, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” reboot on ABC hosted by Jimmy Kimmel is the only thing that can come even close to the modesty shown by “Weakest Link” in the past.

Some critics have gone as far as to say that Jane Lynch’s “Weakest Link” episode has outclassed some other high-budgeted game shows’ episodes. She has run the show “Hollywood Game Night” for six years and 74 episodes so far and has used her experience well on “Weakest Link.”

Hollywood Game Night debuted on NBC on July the 11th, 2013.

One other thing that went in favor of “Weakest Link” was its highly straight-forward game rules that didn’t change much from its previous iterations. The game is so simple that it could attract the audience who are extremely new to the show and haven’t seen any episodes of Anne Robinson’s version ever.

The sense of humor was on Lynch’s side and made her job fairly simple as she kept the show ticking by dropping some periodic succinct laughing bits. She has handled the premiere without any complaints and now what will be interesting to see is whether she can establish her own intrinsic image with the show in the succeeding episodes.

The stage is now set for her to make the show her next long-running sell out.

“Weakest Link” will return again next week at 8 PM on NBC.

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